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Sports Clubs - how to avoid the high cost of grass cutting machinery

New wicket mowers cost 5,000 plus which means that the only people who can afford them are professional contractors. As such, these mowers clock-up a very high 'mileage' in a short space of time and are then sold on just before they will require some serious maintenance. Beware!

Sports Mowers, a specialist part of The Old Lawnmower Company, supplies quality and fully rebuilt British lawnmowers ideally suited for regular use on sports grounds. We have reconditioned and sold many wicket mowers and square mowers that are in regular use on cricket pitches and bowling greens and, from our experience of working on and supplying classic British mowers, we are confident that one of our overhauled machines will probably perform better than the equivalent, very expensive modern mower... at a third of the price!

At the Old Lawnmower Company, we have the expertise and motivation to keep these mowers working to the same high standard as when they were first made, making them reliable, suited to the rigours of everyday use and up to the exacting standards of a Groundsman. Through superior engineering, these older lawnmowers have been made to last and give fantastic value, when compared to the cost of investing in a brand-new machine.

cricket square mower , wicket mower Each mower is completely dismantled and rebuilt and comes with a First Season's Use Warranty (Conditions apply). See ourbuyers guide section to find out why these are a cut above the second-hand mowers available on auction websites and elsewhere.

In addition to supplying these high quality sports ground mowers, Sports Mowers has all the spare parts available to keep them running for many years to come. With our mowers you get dependability, unlike the Ebay 'bargain' that breaks down the day before an important match.

Please have a look at our current selection ofmowers for sale.

Stock is constantly changing, especially in the Spring and Summer, so please enquire if you have specific requirements.

Remember, our mowers are completely rebuilt and guaranteed, a world away from the usual 'serviced' secondhand mower.

We also buy old mowers and machinery, so contact us whether you are looking to buy, sell orrestore your existing mowers.

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