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Have you found it hard to interest your local garden machinery company in servicing your old wicket mower or square mower? Have you been told that they can no longer get the parts?

We do not take the common option of writing off a perfectly usable lawnmower by claiming that the parts are no longer available in the interests of selling you an expensive new machine or a worn-out nearly new one - if it is cost effective to overhaul an engine or a mower then we will always choose this option. We have an extensive range of new and tested second-hand parts to call upon for British mowers up to 50 years old and the experience to overhaul thoroughly and provide future support.

Sports Mowers is a family business specialising in the overhaul and maintenance of old cylinder lawnmowers. Our policy is to preserve, overhaul and maintain wicket mowers and square mowers, and because we are not linked to sales of new machinery (unlike the majority of garden machinery servicing companies) we give independent and objective advice on whether a lawnmower can be repaired, overhauled and serviced.

If it is possible to interest your local garden machinery company in servicing your old cylinder mower then their approach will probably be the same as it would be for a newer mower (basic maintenance such as grinding the cutting cylinder, changing oil and sparking plug). At Sports Mowers our servicing is far more thorough because we understand what is required to keep old machinery running and reliable.

cricket mowers , square mowers Sharpening Cutting Cylinders on Lawnmowers

Many garden machinery servicing departments will tell you how important it is to always grind a cutting cylinder when a lawnmower is serviced. Of course, they have to justify their cylinder mower service and sometimes have a vested interest in selling new parts (or indeed complete mowers) by artificially wearing your cutting cylinder out!

Is it really necessary to lathe-grind a cutting cylinder every time a mower is serviced? The answer has to be a resounding No!

It is only necessary when the cylinder has been severely damaged, otherwise the removal of metal by a machine serves only to reduce the life of the cylinder and thus often the mower. In 95% of cases, the proper answer is to use a process known as back-lapping whereby the blades are sharpened carefully using carborundum in a similar way to how you sharpen a knife.

Ransomes, the oldest manufacturer of cylinder mowers, continue to recommend back-lapping as the means of sharpening the cutting cylinder in the servicing instructions of their premier wicket mower- the Super Certes.

With old lawnmowers it is often not possible to replace the cutting cylinder, once it has been worn down through grinding. With our ethos of preserving old machinery, Sports Mowers primarily uses back-lapping to sharpen cutting cylinders and bottom blades and, indeed, sells their own Blade Sharpening Kit to enable customers to carry out the process themselves, should they wish to.

Sports Mowers know from experience that a carefully back-lapped and set cutting cylinder will give superb results and, that by choosing not to machine grind a cutting cylinder, you are not compromising the quality of your cut.


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