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Mark Porter, Hartley Wintney Cricket Club, Hampshire.

Just a note to say how pleased we have been with the Ransomes Auto-Certes purchased from you two years ago. It has been a trouble free mower and the cut is better than our other Auto-Certes, which I bought for the club in 1981 ( I think)! We use the mower weekly through the summer months, to cut the wickets at Hartley Wintney Cricket Club, it never lets us down, starts easily and is a joy to use. Thank you, you provided us with an excellent mower.

Charles Logan, Crouch End Cricket Club, London.

We are a very busy cricket club in London and we had to upgrade our mowers. We had two wicket cutters, one 30 years old and one 20 which were needing attention and were very unreliable. We also had a 24" square cutter that was on its last legs. I contacted John and he suggested we replace the square cutter with a refurbished Atco which we part exchanged and he would assess our two wicket cutters. We agreed this was a good way forward and I am delighted we now have a completely refurbished Ransomes Auto Certes wicket cutter, with new engine, a good as new Atco Royale for the square and a back up Auto Certes which we can use for spares. Throughout John kept us in the loop and the overall cost was perceived by the committee as good value for money. I am now hoping they will approve the budget to ask John to refurbish our Ransomes Mastiff outfield ride on. We would definitely recommend the guys to anyone who wants to renovate their mowers.

Mick Eames, Lidlington Cricket Club, Bedfordshire.

Lidlington CC Thanks The Old Lawnmower Company for their expert service in keeping both our wicket mowers, a Ransomes Matador and Auto Certes in good working order. Nothing is too much trouble for John and this Club has been reliant on his prompt servicing and repairs for many years.

John Mitchell, Wadhurst Cricket Club, East Sussex.

Hope you have had a good summer. The Auto Certes you supplied to us in April has been wonderful, thank you. My groundsman, Bryan, has been a much happier chappie this season and the surface has played much better! See attached at the mower christening (she is called Stella) and he seldom smiles…

Ewan Green, North Nibley Cricket Club, Gloucestershire.

We acquired a re-built Ransomes Auto-Certes wicket mower from The Old Lawnmower Company in time for the 2018 season and it has so far proved an outstanding bargain. It performs as good as new and was barely half the price. John’s enthusiasm for bringing quality old machines back to life shines through and the pride he takes in his work ensures that customers get the best quality product and the most attentive service. We made the 200 miles round trip to Long Marston twice and would not hesitate to recommend that other cricket clubs do likewise.

Roger Cook, Monken Hadley Cricket Club, Hertfordshire.

Monken Hadley is a small cricket club on the edge of Barnet. We have had a Ransomes Mastiff mower for our outfield, sitting in our shed for over ten years and no matter what we tried we could not get the machine to operate. I contacted The Old Lawnmower Company, who assured me they would be able to help and true to their word they completely restored the Ransomes to its original glory. It starts first time and during the cutting season ran it for 2 to 3 hours non-stop without any problems. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Old Lawnmower Company (Sports Mowers).

Stephen Croucher, Stanton Drew Cricket Club, Somerset.

We recently used The Old Lawnmower Company and cannot speak highly enough about the service we received. We are a small cricket club near Bristol with a small budget. Our trusty old mower a Ransomes Marquis which we have used for at least the last 20 years was on its last legs, or so we thought, that is until we spoke with John! We told him what we thought was up with the mower and he thought he could help, advising us to bring it along for an assessment.

I should now mention the money side of things. If repairable it should cost no more than £500 to £600, if not a replacement could be found from between £1000 to £1200. If you have recently had any work completed on a mower or have thought of buying a new one, you will know this represents fantastic value for money. When we took the mower to John (260 mile round trip) he looked at the mower and was surprised with its condition as were we. We returned to Bristol and awaited a more detailed inspection. John was very prompt and within a matter of days we were told what was wrong and what he could do to bring it back to life.

So after a sharpen, new bottom blade and casting and a brand new engine plus a complete overhaul, we have a mower that should last us another 20 years and all for well under £500 and within a couple of weeks! John's knowledge and attention to detail were outstanding and well worth spending 10 hours and 520 miles stuck in the car with the club Captain. I would without hesitation recommend anyone with an older mower to give John a call.

Andy Brookes, Poynings Cricket Club, West Sussex.

I discovered The Old Lawnmower Company about 5 years ago when I took over the maintenance of our square and inherited two old Auto Certes mowers, neither of which was working well. I contacted John and he suggested I bring them over and he thought he could renovate one and supply a Matador to replace the other. This was far cheaper than getting a new mower and, as promised by John, the final result is also superior. We have also taken the mowers back for servicing and it is definitely worth the effort of hiring a trailer etc. One year we decided to try a local mower servicing firm – a mistake, they did more harm than good, and cost more.

I can’t recommend the Old Lawnmower Company highly enough, their knowledge and enthusiasm for the machines is excellent and after servicing the mowers run smoothly and produce an excellent cut. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

Martin Sharland, Dunsford Cricket Club, Devon.

Thank you for doing such a superb job on our mowers. It is a real joy to know they all start first time and cut properly! We are very glad that we chose to send our old mowers to you for refurb rather than buy a second-hand or 'cheap' modern mower. I have already told lots of people about you and will continue to do so and hopefully you will get more old mowers to restore and save from retirement.

Trevor Benton, Liphook & Ripsley Cricket Club, West Sussex.

We had a non-working but complete 30 inch Dennis Premier stored in the shed for years. Having found The Old Lawnmower Company online I spoke to Ivor a couple of times and he assured me the mower was still serviceable and he could sort out the problems. I duly delivered the mower and was very impressed to see the enthusiasm that Ivor and John have for keeping these mowers up to scratch and in regular use. Approximately 10 days later I received a call to say the mower was ready for collection. Instead of winding away for ages the mower now started first or second swing and ran smoothly. I was more than happy to be told the cost of all this magic and was soon back at the ground mowing the square in a fraction of the time it was taking me with our other mower.

Subsequently, we also bought a Ransomes Matador and a Ransomes Auto Certes wicket mower (pictured) from The Old Lawnmower Company which have proved to be excellent mowers.

Robert Stone, Hertingfordbury Cricket Club, Hertfordshire.

If any cricket club is looking to replace their groundcare equipment but can't afford the eye-watering sums for a new mower, then I highly recommend the Old Lawnmower Company. Ivor and John have an infectious enthusiasm for taking these superb old machines and restoring them to something of their former glory. They sold us a 1970s 24 inch Ransomes Matador which is a joy to use on the square, as well as overhauling our old wicket mower, a Ransomes Auto Certes, which we had thought was ready for the scrap heap.

The cost was a fraction of buying new, and these old British mowers have probably never been bettered. With care they should still be going in another 40 years.

Ian Donnison, Wilnecote Cricket Club, Staffordshire.

Just to let you know, I took our Auto Certes down to the cricket ground when I got back to Tamworth and cut the square. What a job it has done! It started first time with minimum of effort and the evenness of cut is superb. Once again a very big thank you to you both for your hard work and perseverance. I will also put forward the argument for investing in a third mower for the club should the finances allow.

Steve Nash, Head Groundsman, Datchworth Cricket Club, Hertfordshire.

I came across The Old Lawnmower Company whilst surfing the internet looking for a replacement grassbox for our 1970s Ransomes Marquis 20 inch cylinder mower. Not only was Ivor able to supply and deliver a second-hand one in very good condition and at a fraction of the price of a new one but he was also able to give me excellent advice regarding the purchase of another mower.

Our cricket club already had 2 Ransomes 20 inch mowers (a Marquis and an Auto Certes) which have given excellent service over many years. One is used for maintaining our cricket square and the other for preparing the actual pitches. We have recently developed a second ground and I wanted to purchase a larger mower to cut both the two squares, leaving the existing mowers for pitch preparation only. Ivor was able to supply a reconditioned Ransomes Matador 24 inch (the Marquis’ big brother) in excellent condition and at a very reasonable price. He was also able to restore and modify an old Atco roller seat I had so that it fitted the Matador, making my job of cutting the 2 squares so much easier.

I have been very pleased with the pre-sales advice, the quality and value for money of the equipment, and the after sales service (one minor problem with the drive chain was fixed immediately and at no cost) and I am sure we will be using The Old Lawnmower Company again.

Charlie Stoddart, Chairman, Broomhall Cricket Club, Charlestown, Scotland.

I wanted to write to you following our acquisition recently of the Ransomes Auto Certes mower from you that we use for our cricket square here at Charlestown in Fife.

As you know, our old mower gave up the ghost and we were at a loss what to do; the prospect of paying over £3000 for a new mower was impossible to contemplate and the opportunity to purchase a quality machine from The Old Lawnmower Company at a fraction of the cost and with a full guarantee was too good to believe. Not only have we acquired an excellent piece of equipment but we have had superb support from you and your team throughout the process and that is a great comfort to us, especially when we are 400 miles away. To know that help is a phone call away and that parts can be supplied as well is of enormous benefit.

Our club is grateful to you and if there is any future requirements for cricket cutting equipment then I am certain that the first call will be to you.

Per Hultgren, Saxtorp, Sweden.

I forgot to enclose a photo of my croquet lawn after having been mown with the Marquis. Here you can see the excellent results.


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